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Woman selling virginity

By Tony Hicks
Thursday, September 11th, 2008 at 12:08 pm in Uncategorized.

A Sacramento State grad is selling her virginity through the Bunny Ranch (yes, that Bunny Ranch) in Carson City, Nevada, to pay her way through grad school.

So far, the bidding is up to $250,000, which probably has Disney officials scrambling to sell the rights to the Jonas Brothers’ first time.

I wonder if that includes a meal and/or a movie?

Speaking of the Bunny Ranch …

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4 Responses to “Woman selling virginity”

  1. Jerry Grant Says:

    Whether she sells it for $2.00 or $250K she is still a whore.

  2. HeyJoe Says:

    I was out of the running when the bidding topped $36. Very sad.

    I like the part where she says:

    “I think empowerment of women is picking yourself up and doing something on your own to better yourself.”

    Is she picking herself up by laying down?

  3. Tony Hicks Says:

    I’m thinking the women’s movement isn’t going to be drafting her to make a speech anytime soon.

  4. Andrew Says:

    I’m wondering how she will PROVE she’s a virgin.

    “Hey boy, you won me, you wanna f##k or wot?”

    Spot the next idea for a reality show, “Tonight, Ryan Seacrest presents I WANNA F##K A VIRGIN”, after Ugly Betty and before girls of the playboy mansion.