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We’re picking fights with aliens?!

By Tony Hicks
Monday, October 20th, 2008 at 1:50 pm in Uncategorized.

According to files recently released from Britain’s National Archives, an American fighter pilot flying from a British base was ordered to fire on a UFO moving erratically over the North Sea in 1957. But before the pilot could fire, the thing — which was reportedly hovering as well — took off at about a gazillion miles an hour.

This is a horrifying revelation. Not because there was a UFO, but that we would shoot at them. Doesn’t anybody watch movies? These things have DEATH RAYS! They can KILL US ALL!

In a typed manuscript from the pilot, the pilot said he was ordered to unleash a volley of 24 rockets at the craft, which he didn’t see but was lighting up his radar. He said at the time “To be quite candid, I almost (expletive) my pants.”

Yeah, I bet. Who wants to start War of the Worlds? Especially when we’re not sure whose side millions of Scientologists would line up on.

Britain’s Sky News tracked down the pilot: retired U.S. airman Milton Torres, who lives in Miami, where many other retired humans reside. He says the thing had the radar signature of something as big as an aircraft carrier. “it was so fast, it was incredible.” When he landed, he was led to a man in civilian clothes who said he couldn’t discuss the encounter with anyone, including his commander.

Someone needs to capture and interrogate Tom Cruise immediately and find out what he knows, before it’s too late.

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