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Our governor is goofy

By Tony Hicks
Saturday, November 1st, 2008 at 2:39 pm in Uncategorized.

I love it when our governor speaks. And not just because his accent reminds me of the psychotic, out-of-control Jorgen von Strangle from “The Fairly Oddparents.”

You want to like the guy, despite the train wreck that is California’s economy (somewhere Gray Davis giggles but, sadly, remains too boring for action movies), but it’s times like these that you just cringe over Arnold Schwarzenegger being allowed to talk to in public.

Arnie isn’t doing himself any favors ripping the physique of full-court-hoop-playing Obama — especially since Arnold was an admitted first-class steroid-gobbler for years (good news — doing bong rips with Tommy Chong doesn’t affect the size of the male bicep).  Of course, he worked exceptionally hard at the weights … but I wonder what Obama would look like if he ate steroids the way Arnold used to.

I’d like to see Arnold — again, who I like personally despite his escalation into one of the planet’s biggest blowhards — get out and run some of those full-court hoop games with younger guys that Obama does. The gym would tremble when he finally fell over.

It’s says a lot about America’s capacity to discern the important from the utterly trivial when John McCain has Arnold Schwarzenegger joking about Obama being skinny at a campaign rally. But just to be sure, I’m going to write-in Kimbo Slice for president. I don’t want to be on the wrong side of this alpha-male thing.

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2 Responses to “Our governor is goofy”

  1. Shyer Says:

    Ha! I was amused to hear him give Obama a hard time for being ‘scrawny’. I myself wondered what Arnie would look like had he not been gobbling steroids for so many years!! Just goes to show you that the McCain camp will go to any lengths to make Obama look like an unqualified candidate. What will they come up with next before Tuesday??

  2. HeyJoe Says:

    Girlie man or not, I’m STILL voting for him.

    And Fairly Odd Parents kicks ASS.