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John Lennon and the Devil

By Tony Hicks
Wednesday, November 19th, 2008 at 10:15 am in Uncategorized.

Some guy just wrote a book asking if John Lennon sold his soul to gain his musical success?

The real question is this: Did that hack sell his soul to the devil to get a book deal?

The book promises to examine hidden messages and symbols about Beatles mythology (hey, Paul is Dead!) to offer the view that Lennon, like Robert Johnson and Pope Sylvester II, among others, sold his soul for success. Sensible – since we’re sure that happened, maybe we better look into this. Maybe he meant Sylvester Stallone, since some sort of intervention had to be involved for him to convince a studio to make “Stop or my Mom Will Shoot!”

By the way, I know Robert Johnson sold his soul because I saw Ralph Macchio guitar duel with Steve Vai, and win, in a silly 80s movie. Even in a movie, that can’t happen. So the devil must’ve been involved.

My question is this: How does one even got in touch with the devil to make a pact? Does he have a cell phone number, ending in 666? Can you e-mail him? Does one have to sacrifice a goat to get his attention?

I know. If there’s a hell, I’m going.

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