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Baby it’s cold outside

By Tony Hicks
Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 at 8:59 am in Uncategorized.

Since we’re all whining about it being cold outside, I tracked down a few facts and figures about the concept of cold, for your viewing pleasure, from my Amazing Book of Useless Information:

It snowed in the Sahara Desert on Feb. 18, 1979.  And you think we get confused over a little dusting among the Livermore Hills.

Before you go complaining about that ice on your windshield, know that the largest iceberg ever recorded was in 1956: a 200-mile long, 60-mile wide giant, which is larger than Belgium.

The Novaya Zemlya (which means “Holy S&%# I can’t feel anything below my waist” in Russian) glacier in Russia is more than 250 miles long.

The coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth was 94 degrees below in Siberia.

The Eskimo language has more than 20 words for snow

Ten percent of the salt mined in the world each year is used to de-ice roads in America. Which is almost as much salt as my former father-in-law uses in a week. 

Dirty snow melts quicker than clean snow. No word on yellow snow.

We bought Alaska from Russia on March 30, 1867 for about two cents an acre. Which is about what land in California is going for now.

During winter, Moscow skating rinks cover more than 250,000 square miles.

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