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PETA ad too sexy for Super Bowl

By Tony Hicks
Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 at 4:30 pm in Uncategorized.

Apparently an ad PETA made for Super Bowl has been rejected by NBC.

I don’t know why. Just because half-naked women are almost having sex with vegetables.

It’s basically a “Victoria’s Secret” commercial, only with veggies scattered about. So women rub the vegtables in new and interesting ways. Obviously NBC just hates vegetarians.

The ad comes with a tagline “Vegetarians have better sex.” Which is silly, of course. If these models are really vegetarians, all this ad proves is that models are mentally disturbed enough from lack of meat to have sex with vegetables. Though I must admit — I’ve never envied a pumpkin until today.

A couple things are fairly interesting in a semi-serious way. Though the ad doesn’t seem so bad when compared to some other televised content, it does bring about the ol’ what-is-really-obscene debate.

And, of course, the notion that this is incredibly savvy on PETA’s part, because they knew this thing wouldn’t fly and, instead of having to pay millions to actually get the thing aired, can instead get lots of free publicity for having it rejected. You know, from suckers like me.

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