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Michael Jackson comeback?

By Tony Hicks
Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009 at 12:57 pm in Uncategorized.

The news is spreading like a wildfire toward a B celebrity’s house. Michael Jackson is planning a series of comeback shows at London’s O2 Arena this summer.

Can we add this to the list of other supposed Jacko comebacks: The Vegas show, the comeback tour with his brothers, playing Indian Casinos with Tito … ? Haven’t we been teased enough?

Still, while Mr. Stretchy Face’s rep merely calls the reports “speculation,” she did say that they’d have an annoucement about Jacko at the arena on Thursday. Could it be …?

Really, what’s this announcement going to be? Could it be that Jacko is announcing he’s moving to yet another place he won’t really move to? Is he selling another giraffe? Is he changing faiths again? Has he impregnanted Liza Minelli? Will he co-author a series of children’s books with the ghost of Marlon Brando? Will Brando send a Native American woman to the press conference in his place? Is it another album of R. Kelley covers? Is R. Kelley’s name really spelled with an “e” before the “Y”? Is he switching genders again? Is he announcing his innocence of crimes we don’t even know about? Does he still love us all, except for the Santa Barbara police that have to examine his genitals every seven years?  Is he re-growing a new head?

Tune in here as much as possible, maybe 7-8 times a day, if not an hour, for exciting breaking updates.

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One Response to “Michael Jackson comeback?”

  1. R Kelley Says:

    So you heard about how Michael rushed down to WalMart the other day, right?

    He heard that they had boys’ pants half-off.

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