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Insane man jumps marlin from chopper

By Tony Hicks
Thursday, March 12th, 2009 at 3:03 pm in Uncategorized.

They’re quickly running out of ways to entertain us with reality television. The next step will undoubtedly be gladiators fighting to the death on live TV.

But until then, we’ll have to be entertained by loons like Matt Watson, a New Zealander who claims to have caught 1,100 marlin. Apparently he’s bored with catching these brutes with a line and a club, so now he’s jumping out of helicopters and tackling them.

Of course, he’s parlayed this stupidity into a reality show. And you know what … I’m going to love watching it. Because I miss Steve Irwin jumping on dangerously large animals. There’s been a real void in the entertainment world since he died.

I can’t wait for Watson to screw up and accidentally¬†jump on a great white, at which time reality television will get so much better all at once.

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One Response to “Insane man jumps marlin from chopper”

  1. heyjoe Says:

    Oh man. I totally expected to see a Hell’s Angel jumping off his motorcycle and catching a fish.

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