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Dog would win “Survivor.”

By Tony Hicks
Tuesday, April 7th, 2009 at 12:03 pm in Uncategorized.

An Australian cattle dog fell overboard its family’s boat in rough waters late last year and was presumed dead off the coast of Australia.

Nope. The domestic house dog, named Sophie Tucker of all things, actually swam five miles to a remote island in the Great Barrier Reef, and spent the next four months living off baby goats and eluding rangers by acting terribly vicious.


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If my part-cattle dog fell overboard, he’d sink like a stone or scream until a sea bass beat him into unconsciousness with its flippers. If he ever made it to the island, the baby goats would eat him.

They finally trapped this amazing dog, tracked down her family, and watched as the seemingly wild animal melting and began whining once the family showed up. Now the dog has transitioned back to domestic life with little or no trouble.

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