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Octomom trademarks Octomom

By Tony Hicks
Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 at 1:09 pm in Uncategorized.

The wonderfully selfless woman who, in January, gave birth to eight babies and has since gone by the name “Octomom,” is apparently trying to trademark the name “Octomom.”


America – what a country.

Nadya Suleman apparently wants to use the term to sell diapers and¬†clothes. Because, as a parent I can tell you, most of us would be honored to be associated with woman who, with six children already at home, gets infertility treatment to have as many babies as possible. If they all have names – and we can’t be sure she has that much imagination – the odds are pretty high she doesn’t know them all.

What wonderful things she can sell with the “Octomom” trademark. Condoms, for example. And extra-large “Octomom” minivans, with an attached trailer for the other six kids. And “Octomom” sleep aids, guaranteeing that, even with eight babies and six other assorted children in the house, you’ll be sure to sleep through whatever trauma they may be needing a mother for.

The nausea prevents me from continuing on with this post …

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