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My kid is brilliant, while others are not …

By Tony Hicks
Thursday, April 16th, 2009 at 2:03 pm in Uncategorized.

After my 7-year-old daughter’s masterful performance in last year’s school talent show, performing songs from “Annie” in a way that can only be described as – let me see, what’s the word? Oh yeah … GENIUS – I didn’t think she could be topped. If memory serves, I even wrote a column detailing the dramatic ups and downs of the performance because, as a longtime music critic, I recognize musical brilliance when I see it.

So I returned to the scene last night to watch her and two friends deliver a white-hot searing version of “Dancing Queen,” that left people weeping, cheering, standing on their seats, and cursing their God because they don’t have children as brilliant as mine.

I would show you the evidence but, sadly, the video camera broke just as I got out of the car. True story.

But after last year, it wasn’t so surprising that last night my kid reaffirmed the concrete notion that someday she’ll take care of dear old dad by showering him with money she makes as a professional singer. But there were otherwise some real oddities as to what constitutes “talent,” including four boys performing a dunk competition on a plastic hoop as tall as they were, a boy juggling two balls (If I can do it, it’s no trick, even in elementary school), another boy solving a Rubik’s Cube he brought on-stage (no, I’m certain that thing wasn’t rigged at all), and another kid I believe, if I’m not mistaken, running in place.

But on the other hand, there was this little pint-sized Ninja guy, who was flinging a pair of nunchuks around at high-speed while doing flips and all kinds of lethal-looking swing kicks. It was quite awesome.

But not as awesome as my kid. Trust me.

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2 Responses to “My kid is brilliant, while others are not …”

  1. johnnyvee Says:

    It is odd that children are praised for mediocre, or not so mediocre, “talent”. I remember there was this kid at my school that played guitar and everyone praised him for his musical ability. It was so so. I think his name was Anthony. I wonder what ever happened to him.

  2. Tony Hicks Says:

    I played drums, dummy.

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