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Trekkies, start your engines!

By Tony Hicks
Wednesday, May 6th, 2009 at 3:41 pm in Uncategorized.

So I was thinking about going to see the new Star Trek this weekend. Because I like Star Trek, dammit, that’s why. And because the new Lt. Uhura looks freakishly hot.  I can’t help it. At least I love old Star Trek, where Jim Kirk wasn’t worried about alien diseases while trying to promote racial harmony by bedding a female from every species in the galaxy. He was kind of like Gandhi and Tom Jones, all rolled up into one.

So my question is: How many of you Trek freaks are going to be out in costume on Friday night? And where? I need to know so I can either come down and see for myself how foolish you’ve become after not being let out of the basement in many years, or I need to know where you’ll be so I can avoid you. Feedback is appreciated. Live long and whatever.

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One Response to “Trekkies, start your engines!”

  1. heyjoe Says:

    NaNu NaNu. Shit, wrong alien.

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