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Shirley Jones naked?

By Tony Hicks
Monday, May 11th, 2009 at 2:04 pm in Uncategorized.

Shirley Jones was a pretty hot mom 35 years ago on the Patridge Family (much finer and hipper than Carol Brady and I’ll fight anyone to the death who says otherwise). But this may be going a bit far.





According to, Jones’ husband is pushing her to pose nude for Playboy at the age of 75. “The former Partridge Family star has been married to her manager, Marty Ingels, for the last 31 years. And he’s hoping Jones will strip off for Hugh Hefner’s raunchy magazine and send a message that beauty is not dependent on age.”

Ironically, not according to Hue Hefner.

 “He tells the New York Post, ‘She’s still drop-dead gorgeous, and at the age of 75, a natural beauty. I’m her husband, and I think it would be sensational. Mature women are relevant.’

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4 Responses to “Shirley Jones naked?”

  1. heyjoe Says:

    I think she needs to find a new manager.

  2. Vinnie Ballgame Says:

    Harsh! The farmer and the cowhand must be friends, Joe!

  3. heyjoe Says:

    I’d rather not milk that cow; she’s all Curly’s, but thanks anyway Vinnie.

  4. Tony Hicks Says:

    I’d really prefer that you two don’t communicate and/or get to know each other. It’s really better for everyone.

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