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New Wilco record

By Tony Hicks
Tuesday, May 19th, 2009 at 1:34 pm in Uncategorized.

For the last seven Wilco fans who didn’t already know, the band is streaming its new record (“Wilco (The Record)” on its website. It arrives in stores June 30.

It’s a bit early to say exactly how much I like it, because Wilco records always taste best when you’ve given them about 10 bites (listens). I will say I just started listening yesterday and I already really like it, which usually means I will declare it a masterpiece and not be able to stop listening in about a week. Jeff Tweedy sounds happy, and there’s actually a couple songs that could be successful singles. The tone isn’t that much of a departure from the last record and, as usual, the musicianship is first rate. Again, it is a bit more upbeat and, at the risk of using what has become a cliche, but it sounds like Wilco has been listening to lots of Beatles on at least a couple songs. This band is just incredible in the studio – there’s perhaps no other band that masters the little studio tweaks and turns that fill out songs so well. Which makes it all the better when they bring it so well in live venues

And there’s a camel on the cover, which you just can’t beat.

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