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Why people like Gary Radnich

By Tony Hicks
Thursday, June 4th, 2009 at 8:01 am in Uncategorized.

Gary Radnich, the sports anchor on KRON, did his bit recently while bleeding on himself.

Apparently he’d been wrestling with his son, who ripped his ear, and the cut opened while he was reading a box score. And Radnich handled it beautifully – joking and having some fun with it while trying to staunch the blood flow with a tissue. 

The best thing about Radnich, whether on his morning radio show on KNBR 680 or on TV, is his every guy perspective and ability not to take things too seriously (which is important on a sports talk radio station). Bleeding on camera, turning a potentialy embarassing situation into light comedy, is something not many TV talking heads could manage.

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    You know what people would really like? More frequent blogging.

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