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King Tut and Six Feet Under

By Tony Hicks
Friday, July 17th, 2009 at 11:15 am in Uncategorized.

Technically, I’m not supposed to write about King Tut. The boss heard I was going yesterday¬†and laid down the law: We’d had too much Tut in the paper. Which is too bad, as I wanted to write all about the Tut paper dolls, colorforms, furniture, wine racks (a replica coffin with the middle cut out as a wine rack – for only $450!) jewelry ($2,200 necklaces), and all the other silly ways they thought up to whore this thing out.

But since I can’t write about even the Tut gift shop (I almost bought the $35 headdress if I could’ve assured myself I’d use it for more than one laugh), nor can I write about the exhibit itself (good, more informative than the last one, a little shy in the way of the major swag), I’ll instead tell you I saw Peter Krause, who played Nate Fisher in “Six Feet Under” in the gift shop (which I won’t tell you sold King Tut kaleidoscopes because I’m not supposed to). I¬†also found a kid who was able to sing King Tut and told me Steve Martin was the funniest man alive..

That’s it – I saw Peter Krause. He was wearing some kind of hat. There. That’s all I got.

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