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Reggie Bush is dumb

By Tony Hicks
Thursday, August 20th, 2009 at 1:07 pm in Uncategorized.

Apparently New Orleans Saints’ running back Reggie Bush – also the ex and probably soon-to-be-again boyfriend of Kim Kardashian – is having a great camp for the Saints, which he attributes to not juking so much when he runs. Which basically means not dancing with defenders to make them miss, giving other defenders time to flatten him. I love his quote in which he compares his “juking” problem to being an alcoholic:

The best move an NFL running back can make often is no move at all. Three years and countless east-west meanderings into his NFL career, Saints running back Reggie Bush has arrived at this realization. “The first step to recognizing when you have a bad habit is just admitting it to yourself,” Bush said Wednesday after another impressive preseason performance, this one in a full-squad practice against the Houston Texans at their Reliant Park training complex. “It’s like an alcoholic when they go into an (Alcoholics Anonymous) meeting or something,” he said. “That’s the first step, just recognizing it and getting better from there.” — New Orleans Times-Picayune …..Ben’s Take: If only the Saints could have scheduled Fresno State or Arkansas, Bush could have continued his juking ways.

Yes, good analogy, Reggie. Juking is a lot like alcoholism … you know, except for the shame, the throwing up, shakes, divorces, withdrawls, arrests, jailtime, court appearances, trips to rehab and major organ failure. Yep – it’s ALOT like that.

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