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Pole dancing doll

By Tony Hicks
Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 at 4:32 pm in Uncategorized.

Sorry I haven’t been on the blog much – I’ve instead been busy answering readers accusations that I killed my cat.

But, as I plan on not having any more pets get flattened in front of my house for a while, I can return to writing about things that matter. Like pole-dancing dolls.

Yes, someone had actually produced a cute little doll that comes with a pole accessory. Now don’t get me wrong. I believe that women who pole dance are a tremendous benefit to society. I’d encourage all women – unless they happen to be one of my daughters – to install a pole at home and surprise their man for his birthday. If there was more pole-dancing in the Middle East, there’d be much less violence. Pole dancing=world peace. as far as I’m concerned. If John Lennon was alive today, he’d be singing songs about giving pole dancing a chance.

However … if one of my daughters comes home with a pole-dancing doll, I’m going to have to hold someone responsible. And it’s not going to end well.

I realize this is probably an adult gag-gift deal, but still … you know someone out there won’t get the joke, and buy one for their kids. At least wait until they’re 18. These young, vital careers have to start somewhere.

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One Response to “Pole dancing doll”

  1. george senda Says:

    I read in today’s paper about your cat, Doctor. My beloved Mini Mouse cat was run over on my street in Martinez. I had raised him from a tiny, sick kitten after the mother dropped off him and his brother Mickey Mouse into my former apartment. He was a sweet loving cat and both I and Mickey miss him very much.

    No one in my building had the decency to TELL me he had been hit and it was several hours before I knew he had been killed.

    I live downtown in a senior citizens building and went to City Hall to complain. I was told the street was too NARROW to have speed bumps installed. Yet the comparably-sized street where my girlfriend and her cat live has 2 in one short block.
    There are 3 bars at the other end of the street. Late at night drunken yahoos drive their cars down this street at high speed and only stop because THIS end of the street dead ends into a park. What is amazing to me is that 2 doors up ( next to the park ) the playground for the Catholic school is situated and there are dozens of children there each day.
    Last Sunday night at 1:30 AM the power went out on this street (and for 3 blocks around ) and stayed off until 4 AM. There are NO streetlights for 3 blocks from here and it was pitch dark outside even though the sky was clear and I could see a beautiful display of stars in the night sky. I went downstairs and it wasn’t until after one of my 2 other cats rubbed against me, that I was even able to see him, it was that dark. What also surprised me is the lack of emergency lighting in this building given the number of seniors living here. If there’s a major quake or a long-term outage of power, no one will be able to cook because the kitchens are electric. I was able to boil water tea for my respiratory condition on my bbq outside.
    I have seen pedestrians almost get hit in front of my building by jerks driving about 60 mph. I guess it is going to take someone getting killed for the city to do something.

    I have had 30 cats over the years and never had one die as horribly as this. My girlfriend lost her Squeaky cat last year due to the tainted Chinese cat food.

    My condolences to you and your family and hope you can move to a nice, safe, cul-de-sac and stay safe.

    I will give a prayer for your cat tonight. I have had one cat who died come back and tell me he was ok. I had him for 19 1/2 years.

    Take care and I enjoy your column and hope they don’t cut your pay too much. I subscribe to the paper daily, by-the-by.

    Best wishes,

    George Senda

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