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Worst Jaycee Dugard column ever

By Tony Hicks
Wednesday, September 9th, 2009 at 2:24 pm in Uncategorized.

Or, as my colleague Karim Amara puts it “The Jaycee Dugard column from hell.”

Usually we journalist types don’t pick on each other, especially me, since there’s so much to pick on in my work. But, really, what kind of stupid crap is this?

Basically, Orange County Register sports columnist Mark Whicker wrote a cute little column, talking about what Jaycee Dugard missed in sports for 18 years while she was held captive in an Antioch backyard. Maybe he missed that first day of journalism school, where they taught us not to make light of rape victims and/or child abductees.

He points out Jaycee never got to read a box score, go to the park for “beach towel night,” and hasn’t “high-fived in a while.” After talking about how she hasn’t spiked a volleyball, etc., he says “Now that’s deprivation.”

Ha ha ha. Yeah, either that or deprivation is being without your family, your friends, school, doctors and your freedom for 18 years, while some nut rapes you until you bear two children in said scumbag’s backyard while still in your teens.

Oh, sorry – I went to journalism school. I should know this part: ALLEGED scumbag.

At one point, Whicker writes “So, Jaycee, whenever you’re ready, here’s what you’ve missed:” Then he goes on to make supposedly-funny remarks about Barry Bonds and steroids, domed stadiums, beach balls, and L.A. high school football.” He winds it up by saying “Congratulations Jaycee, you left the yard.”

Yeah, funny stuff. Congratulations Mark Whicker. You’ve set the standard for journalistic insensitivity.

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  1. Mary Arulanantham Says:

    I count myself lucky that I can still be stunned by the depths of people’s stupidity. They are so caught up in their own shtick that they lose all sense of appropriateness. 9/11 was probably a bad sports day too.

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