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Watch out for the CHP

By Tony Hicks
Tuesday, October 6th, 2009 at 2:31 pm in Uncategorized.

I was in a store the other day, purchasing various household items for my family because I am a caring family man and provider, when I heard the most interesting conversation between two men in their early 20s, one of whom is apparently training to become an officer of the California Highway Patrol.


First guy: You know why I want to be in the CHP?

Second guy: Why?

First guy: Because they’re all about the three things I love best: speeding, guns and violence.

Second guy: HAHA (high fiving first guy).

I can’t wait to meet this fine young man out on the freeway some day.

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4 Responses to “Watch out for the CHP”

  1. Auntie Says:

    I didn’t know Ponch was ever that thin.

  2. heyjoe00 Says:

    I’m guessing there are already one or two like him out there already.

  3. Tony Hicks Says:

    Oh yeah. A sexy, bi-lingual beast.

  4. Vinnie Ballgame Says:

    CHP’s got standards – at least post-Ponch. Those two probably wash out midway through the academy and end up selling Rio Rancho Lake Shastina property up north for … Erik Estrada.

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