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Glen Beck still crying

By Tony Hicks
Friday, October 16th, 2009 at 3:28 pm in Uncategorized.

The only time i care about Glenn Beck is when he cries. So, right now, I’m in love with Glenn Beck.


My favorite part – well, other than the insane rambling about going to a party where people dump beer on you (somebody got an atomic wedgie and decided one day he’d show them all), is when he talks about the good old days when America was united. You know, as long as you weren’t black, gay, Hispanic, Native American, an ambitious woman, disabled, Asian, a geek, or a robot. Robots were always getting dumped on. And dogs. Especially in movies, at the end. The dog always gets it in the end.

There’s a very bad joke there that, according to the employee handbook, I can’t touch.

We always remember things as being better in the good old days because we were younger in the good old days. We didn’t know how terrifying the world can be. Though maybe in Glenn Beck’s case, he doesn’t remember the world being a better place when he was a kid because people were always giving him atomic wedgies.

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