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Can we re-do the last three Star Wars?

By Tony Hicks
Tuesday, October 27th, 2009 at 2:04 pm in Uncategorized.

I know nothing about this game except for what I stumbled upon today by being included in an e-mail between bigger Star Wars geeks than I. I love Star Wars to an unhealthy degree, but stay away from video games like recovering addicts stay away from crack. But … wow. This is incredible.

Can we go back, blow up the episodes 1-3 with whiny Hayden Christensen, crappy special effects that looked too much like paintings (at least in the first two), vaguely racist characters serving the story no purpose and dialogue consisting of lines like “I’ve died a little bit each day without you,” and re-do it all with these guys? And whoever’s behind this game?

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2 Responses to “Can we re-do the last three Star Wars?”

  1. Richard Mumolo Says:

    WOW! Cool! I may have to get a new game and give up having a life for a while. Oh, and it doesn’t get any better with age. I’m 52 and have been playing games since the old text based interactive fiction, and when a new game comes out that you really like, you still start losing weight from lack of food, and gaining “more” wrinkles from lack of sleep. LOL.

  2. johnny beane Says:

    was not a fan of the last 3 star wars films at all but grew up loving the original films.

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