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Steven Tyler leaving Aerosmith?

By Tony Hicks
Monday, November 9th, 2009 at 3:47 pm in Uncategorized.

This is kind of hard to believe, considering all they’ve been through the past 40-odd years, but there’s real talk that this latest spat within Aerosmith has lead to Steven Tyler quitting the band.

Joe Perry told the Las Vegas Sun a couple days ago that he thinks Steven quit the band, but that he doesn’t know as they haven’t spoken. Which makes a regular guy like me ask: How hard is it to call your best friend from the past 40 years and simply ask? When people get famous, do they have to use agents, managers and lawyers to have a simple conversation? Though, after reading Joey Kramer’s book, when it comes to Aerosmith, sounds like that’s the case.

Tyler recently told Classic Rock magazine he doesn’t know what he’s doing, other than it’s going to be “Brand Tyler.” Aerosmith was on a big tour with ZZ Top last summer when several shows had to be cancelled after Tyler fell off the stage Aug. 5 and hurt himself.

Seriously – knock off the drama. Nobody’s quitting Aerosmith. You all make far too much money to do something that stupid. Besides, nobody wants to see your wrinkly butts do anything but play Aerosmith songs.

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One Response to “Steven Tyler leaving Aerosmith?”

  1. johnny beane Says:

    It’s hard to see them with another singer.
    Will never happen.

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