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If I had a boy

By Tony Hicks
Tuesday, December 8th, 2009 at 1:04 pm in Uncategorized.

If my wife would promise to make me a boy, and followed through, he might be something like this:

Thanks to my pal Laura Casey for alerting me to the precious little tyke.

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3 Responses to “If I had a boy”

  1. Vinnie Ballgame Says:

    Little pitch trouble, was a tiny bit flat I think with the word “AAAAAADIE!” Other that than, pretty good backseat riffing.

    My 7-year-old daughter used to demand Back in Black on the way to school. Wife was not pleased. We compromised at Sammy Hagar. Some freakin’ compromise. I should drop a little Terry Jacks in the wife’s SUV in response.

  2. thicks Says:

    What’s wrong with Back in Black? That’s pretty tame. It’s not like the kid is asking you to play Slayer’s Bonded by Blood.

  3. E Says:

    T – Have you heard Caninus? I prefer a dog on vocals with my speed metal. Toddlers have that lead singer prima donna thing going on.

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