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I hate Weezer

By Tony Hicks
Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 at 7:16 am in Uncategorized.

Usually I stay away from these Facebook groups, but my cousin just invited me to join the “Honestly, I hate Weezer” group and I couldn’t resist. Because, well, I hate Weezer.

Oh I loved their first couple records – then I realized that they kept making those two records. And I couldn’t handle anymore “Rivers Cuomo (or however you spell his name) is a genius – the Brian Wilson of his age.” No, he’s not. That and the fact that they’re helped all the so-called clever people who have beaten the concept of irony into the ground that it’s no longer funny.

But here’s a song I still love:

I’ve been on vacation and have been ignoring my blog. I’ll try to get back on track soon. Or not.

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