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Chachi is dumb

By Tony Hicks
Thursday, January 21st, 2010 at 1:28 pm in Uncategorized.

Apparently Scott Baio, who is a really funny Republican, posted a Tweet containing an unflattering picture of First Lady Michelle Obama with the caption “Wow, he wakes up to THIS every morning?!

And then when the death threats started over him being racist (which brings up the question: Who follows Scott Baio on Twitter?) he immediately went to the reliable “Hey, I have PLENTY of black friends,” card, with names and a picture.

Are we sure Scott Baio’s racist? Or is he just rude and stupid?

Chachi isn’t funny, that for sure. It wouldn’t have been funny if he said it about Laura Bush. My point isn’t political; it’s that Scott Baio is a rude twerp who went on TV and whined about his personal life until they gave him a reality show.

Actually, what’s really funny is that Scott Baio wakes up every morning to the fact that, no matter what he does the rest of his life, he will always be known as “Chachi.”

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One Response to “Chachi is dumb”

  1. heyjoe Says:

    I think the Joanie Loves Chachi clip was enough to convince us of Chachi’s stupidity. Not to mention his poor taste in clothing and partners.

    What’s really amazing is that J Loves C was greenlighted (greenlit?) in the first place. Good Lord.

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