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Plumbers’ cracks

By Tony Hicks
Friday, January 22nd, 2010 at 1:41 pm in Uncategorized.

As you probably know, there was this guy on American idol last week who came in and basically sang a song about how he hates kids who wear their pants too low. “Pants on the Ground,” it was called, and now it’s a sensation all over YouTube, with dozens and dozens of parodies, including an Elvis impersonator and Jimmy Fallon doing Neil Young..

So guess who’s writing a story inquiring why kids still wear their pants around their ankles? And guess who’s looking for kids who actually do it who might want to talk to me?

Actually, it would make me even happier to find some adults who still wear their pants on the ground. Either way, E-mail me at

I actually saw one kid a couple months ago wearing a throwback NFL jersey and pants buckled – I’m not making this up – at his knees. I guess the good thing is, if you’re a store owner, you know that’s not a kid who’s going to steal something and try to outrun you. Too bad, because that would be the funniest thing in the history of the universe.

And, of course, Larry Platt – the middle-aged man from Atlanta who first performed “Pants on the Ground,” now has a record deal. I love this country.










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