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KISS and high school girls

By Tony Hicks
Monday, March 1st, 2010 at 3:49 pm in Uncategorized.

KISS may be a bunch of greedy old men who would sell their children if someone would pay enough but … well, they were like that in the 70s too.But it was a different time, and seeing rock stars up close and personal back then was a whole different thing.

In 1975 the football team at a high school in Cadillac, Michigan was losing, until an assistant tried loosening the players up in the pre-game locker room by letting them play KISS.

The story goes that the team didn’t lose the rest of the season, etc. etc.

So KISS gets wind of this and – never seeing a PR opportunity they didn’t love – came to the school, hung out for a couple days, played a show in the gym, and rode in a parade the next day. And yes, Gene tried stealing a cheerleader.

See the story here.

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