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Letterman’s crazed sex world

By Tony Hicks
Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 at 12:22 pm in Uncategorized.

The Huffington Post is previewing an upcoming lengthly investigative Vanity Fair piece on the inner workings of David Letterman – both his show and, apparently, his brain. It sounds pretty compelling … or crazy:

Here’s what Huff Post had to say:
Before Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien went to war, late-night television had another scandal on its hands: David Letterman’s affair with a young female staffer and the alleged extortion plot by that staffer’s boyfriend. In a new piece for Vanity Fair, Mark Seal calls Letterman “one of the most unhappy, insecure, guilt-ridden, self-loathing, self-pitying people on the planet.” Over the years, he rejected advances from celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Madonna, Ellen Barkin, and Julia Roberts in favor of plainer, and sharply intelligent women. His staffers, for their parts, worship him. “It’s like a cult,” says a former insider. “You arrive as an intern and stay for life, and people do fall in love with Dave and behave in a way that might not be considered appropriate in a professional working environment. People really feed on wanting positive reinforcement from him. It was intoxicating to me, and I can see how someone could cross the line. It’s like Jesus Christ saying, ‘Hey, let’s go to dinner!’ You’re going to go, ‘Wow! He chose me!’ If he’d hit on me, I probably would have accepted.”

He spurned Drew Barrymore? Seriously?! I mean, I get the Madonna thing – she’s terrifying. Ellen Barkin might be a little frightening, but that’s what alcohol is for (just kidding – potential readers who work for Child Protective Services. No, I don’t find alcohol funny – unless it’s Dudley Moore, Foster Brooks, or Otis the Town Drunk).
I also don’t get the Julia Roberts thing – if you’ve ever seen her on his show, he obviously loves her back.

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One Response to “Letterman’s crazed sex world”

  1. skippy Says:

    Oh, don’t act like you don’t get it…Letterman is funny. Cool funny. Smart funny. Edgy. Not Sarah-Palin-on-Leno-funny. That’s the ick. Smart is attractive. Letterman’s got it. Clinton’s got it. Leno not so much. George W? Good case for celibacy.

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