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Billy Corgan is nuts

By Tony Hicks
Friday, March 5th, 2010 at 2:45 pm in Uncategorized.

Please enjoy the following excerpt from a February Rolling Stone interview with Smashing Pumpkins boss Billy Corgan.

Or maybe it’s ex-Smashing Pumpkins boss. Or maybe it’s Jessica Simpson’s boyfriend. Or maybe he’s an expert on economics in America. Or a clever man who knows the government is using swine flu shots to control our minds. Or maybe he’s the only white, bald man in America who knows the Mayan calendar foretells worldwide cataclysm in 2012, starring John Cusack and Woody Harrelson. Or maybe he’s just one of the GREAT artists of our time
Or maybe he was the singer of a band that was pretty good for a while and now has a screw loose. Yeah, I vote that.

Corgan on His Critics:
“Do I belong in the conversation about the best artists in the world? My answer is yes, I do,” he says. “I’ve been too productive for too long, and despite what anybody wants to strip away from me, I am influential. I am. So all the Pitchforks in the world can try to strip me of every ounce of dignity, but I belong.”

On the Pumpkins’ Breakup:
“Rather than break up the band, what I should have done is chuck James [Iha] out,” Corgan says. “I should have just said to Jimmy [Chamberlin], ‘You go to rehab, and we’ll continue, and James, get the fuck out of here.’ Instead, I fell on my sword for James, for what I thought was a friend.”

On His Spiritual Beliefs:
Corgan subscribes to the fashionable idea that we’re building to a cataclysm, or at least a major vibrational shift, in 2012; he wonders what was really in the H1N1 vaccine; he fears that the United States is headed toward a Soviet Union-style economic collapse… But when pressed on details, he backs off: “I don’t want to be a dead hero,” he says.

On “Loving” Jessica Simpson:
“If I go, ‘Oh, we’re just friends,’ then it’s like, ‘Did they go out, did he dump her or she dump him, what happened?’ It has nothing to do with any of that. Sometimes people just like being around each other, and good things come out of that. My goal in life is to love whoever I think is worth loving, and I think if people knew her like I knew her, they would love her like I do. It’s really simple.”

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