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I’m mean to Corey Haim

I’d already had the obligatory Corey Haim discussion this morning before my colleague Laura Casey came in. So when she sat down across from me, fired up her computer, and made a startled noise upon discovering Corey Haim was dead, I made a couple mean jokes. Because, as many of you know, I’m insensitive.

Then Laura, who’s about a decade younger than me, therefore wasn’t a sneering 20-year-old rocker who thought he was tremendously cool when Corey Haim was a god to teen girls, pointed out that he was her first celebrity crush. She was a bit upset about what I saw as an inevitable ugly death of someone I never cared for.

I get it – I remember my first celebrity crush (Jan Brady who – despite popular myth – was much hotter than Marcia in the Brady Bunch’s last season). I misted up a little bit for Michael Jackson. Not for the adult who’d gone off the tracks, but the kid singer I loved when I was a kid.

And “Lucas” really was a good movie. In fact, my wife and I were in Petaluma last weekend, and drove by one of the houses in the movie.

So – because I’m incapable of writing a Corey Haim appreciation on my own – and I wanted to say sorry to Laura for being an insensitive ass – I told her to write up a little tribute and I’d put it on the blog:

Corey Haim was my first celebrity crush. I remember his was the first poster to go on my wall and I kissed it so much, the paper was worn away on his lips. I watched most of his movies and enjoyed him as an actor and a hunk. I was 11 when License to Drive came out and I made a point to catch it in the theater. Not the best movie in the world, but something about him made me feel like I knew him or could know him at some point in my life.
I guess his death bothers me so much because, first, it’s the death of that innocent crush I had on him — the death of all those teeny bopper magazines I bought with his face on the cover.
It’s also a predictable ending to what could have a bright life that was ruined by drugs which, later in life, appeared to be a mask for mental illness and childhood sexual abuse. For some reason, I kept up on news stories and YouTube videos of him, most of which showed a depressed and depressing man. I felt sad for him.
It’s been years since I thought he’d restart his career, but I always hoped something good would happen for him. Maybe he’d find sobriety, or get married, or land that movie that didn’t totally suck. Now that he’s dead, it’s a sad ending to a very long, sad tale.

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  1. I made a few Corey Haim jokes myself this morning. Later, I thought about how sad it is that this talented kid threw it all way for drugs and/or alcohol.

    My point is … Lindsay Lohan is well on her way to becoming Corey Haim.

    by Sonia on Mar 10, 2010 at 2:00 pm

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