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Hicks: Sorry, my bad.

By Tony Hicks
Monday, April 26th, 2010 at 9:41 am in Uncategorized.

I wrote a column for Sunday’s paper about my wife choosing a song for us because, as you know, 42-year-old men need to have an “our song” thing with their wives. Since we don’t have one – and her sister asked if there was something she wanted played for us this weekend at her wedding – my wife picked a bad song from an ever worse movie, based on how much fun we have had in the past making fun of said movie.

Anyway – I promised to put the song on my blog over the weekend, only my computer was screwy and I wasn’t about to do come into the office to appease the seven people who may or may not have been looking for it – like my mom. The identity is really no surprise to anyone who reads me and has heard me complain about this song in the past.¬†Actually, I just did it as a way to get more blog hits – I hope you had better things to do yesterday than wait for me to post a stupid Aerosmith video on my blog.

Perhaps later we can share more bad couples songs any of us have had over the years (keep checking the blog  seven or eight times a day Рjust in case.

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4 Responses to “Hicks: Sorry, my bad.”

  1. Lori DaRosa Says:

    Hey, at least it’s not “Muskrat Love”. i worked with a girl who clamed that as “their song” when she got engaged. Por guy. It’s the worst song ever recorded, ever put into radio play rotation. I don’t even understand how it got recorded. The only way it could be worse would be if it was squirrel love. LOL.

  2. Adelle Kelly Says:

    Tony –
    I had just clicked on the song when my daughter (45 year old) came into the house and said, ‘That is one of my favorite songs.’ Didn’t have to heart to tell her why you posted or why I was playing it.
    PS: It’s really hard when both my daughter and I like the same music. Seems wrong some how.

  3. Patti Says:

    Was this video for real?

  4. Pat Davis Says:

    Thanks Tony, it came up just fine and I do like the music. If that had been “our song” I’m sure we would have slow danced to it too: but we were a couple of generations back and my dancing partner went to heaven 8 years ago. Remember “Tennesee Waltz”? Don’t fret it…ask your grandmother.

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