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Why AC/DC?

By Tony Hicks
Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 at 2:14 pm in Uncategorized.

I understand how AC/DC goes with an action movie the way penicillin goes with being married to Jesse James.

It’s energizing, loud, classic rock that even people who don’t like metal can get into. They have a big, red (hey – it matches the suit) logo with a lightning bolt in the middle. Who doesn’t love menacing lightning bolts (unless, of course, you’re that ranger in the Guinness Book of World Records who got struck by lightning something like five times). Even frat boys love them some AC/DC.

But would it have been such a bad thing, in a film called “Iron Man,” to let the band who wrote the same-titled, classic  metal song,  do the soundtrack?

I have my AC/DC “Iron Man II” soundtrack in front of me, and it’s 15, almost all classic songs from the band. Which is great. But I guarantee you I could come up with 15 songs just as energizing from the more appropriate Black Sabbath, that would provide all the sonic adrenaline required in scenes where men in big iron costumes fly around, shoot at each other, and trade witty one-liners.

I’m about to go metal geek on you, for those of you who don’t appreciate such things. Next blog I’ll go find a clip of a singing cow or something.

But I have proof of Sabbath’s ability to energize and enhance an action flick. Remember when “Mob Rules” accompanied the big attack scene in the animated classic “Heavy Metal?”


Well … maybe. Let’s try. I’ll keep it to Ozzy-era Sabbath, because bringing in the more dramatic, Dio-era “Neon Knights.” “Children of the Sea,” “Die Young,” and “Falling Off the Edge of the World,” would just be unfair.

Obviously, “Iron Man”works – which, to my disappointment, they waited to use in the first film’s closing credits, instead of during the scene when Iron Man first goes forth to kickith ass. “Paranoid” would work splendidly, and “War Pigs,” could build the drama in a tight action sequence.

Children of the Grave,” is a pounder – one to which I could easily see Iron Man destroying enemy robots, as would “N.I.B” and one of my favorite Sabbath songs, “Symptom of the Universe.”  The song “Black Sabbath” is agonizingly slow and crunchy, which would work in a climactic, one guy or the other will die now scene. “Electric Funeral” or “Hand of Doom,” would be an awesome bad guy theme.

Sabbath could even go melancholy, with something like “Changes,” or  “Megalomania.” And speeding things up again would songs “Supernaut.”

What’s that – 12? OK, You know what, come to think of it, both AC/DC eras are represented, so I’m going back on my pledge not to use Dio-era stuff.  So, with “Neon Knights.” “Children of the Sea,” “Die Young,” and “Falling Off the Edge of the World,” not to mention “Mob Rules,” and “Sign of the Southern Cross,” makes it a route.

Maybe for Iron Man III.

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  1. Julie Says:

    Here’s a trivia piece- Yosemite Dan was a big Black Sabbath fan.

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