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I heart Rosario Dawson

By Tony Hicks
Monday, May 17th, 2010 at 1:05 pm in Uncategorized.

While I’m still trying to process my grief over the passing of Ronnie James Dio – that’s no joke, you jerk – I must share this clip from Clerks 2.


My colleague George showed me this after we had a conversation this morning over the relative hotness of Rosario Dawson, whom I would find incredibly hot some days, and not even close to hot on others. Yes, you’re right – it’s a real quandary that needs your attention.

I’ve never been so torn over a potential object of lust. I think it probably has something to do with seeing her early in her career as the subject of a long article with many pictures in Oprah’s magazine, which to me is a sopping wet towel to the torrid flames of any woman’s hotness.

Anyway, after seeing how torn up I was over Dio – my favorite metal singer of all time and, no disrespect to Ozzy – the man who resurrected Black Sabbath by helping make its best records – George brightened my day with this dance number. Which I will now attempt to get my co-workers to get up and replicate, with me playing the role of Rosario. Now if I can only find that sexy little green top I keep in my desk …

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