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Sneaky monsters

By Tony Hicks
Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 at 3:07 pm in Uncategorized.

I’m on vacation this week¬† – mostly to avoid paying trillions of dollars in day camp fees. Had someone told me how much summer camp was for kids, I would never have had any. Or majored in something else in college and got a real job.

I dumped the two older girls off on grandma today, so it’s just me and the 2-year-old. I took her to the park for about 90 minutes, played on the swings, chased ducks, fell down and cried, and went down the slide a bunch of times. She sat in her stroller and watched.

Now we’re home and I’m trying to trick her into taking a nap. She, however, has a dangerous addiction to Sesame Street and was having withdrawal symptoms, which is why we left the park. The shaking, sweating and screaming of Elmo’s name was getting weird with other people around. I tried to turn off the TV, but she just follows me around trying to hand me the remote, chanting “ELMOOOOOOO” in this weird, Satan voice. I tried to have her watch something else, which didn’t work. So she’s back on the Sesame Street and I’m hoping she’ll pass out soon. I need the rest.

I’m still recovering from the weekend garage sale – something that always seems like a better idea than it is. Our two older girls operated a lemonade stand and, on Sunday, probably made more money than we did. My 8-year-old definitely made out. She developed a great system whereby if she discovered we sold something that once belonged to her, she ran to her room, threw herself on the bed, and cried … until I gave her half the money her former property item sold for. Then – magically – the crying stopped and the money-counting started. The kid has something like 30 bucks laying on her dresser. She’s out getting another dangerous sunburn right now – I should take part of it and see if she notices.¬†Nothing wrong with that – it’s not like she pays rent … yet.

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