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Hicks: Stupid font nerds

By Tony Hicks
Friday, July 9th, 2010 at 8:30 pm in Uncategorized.

I get that some people revel in being called a nerd. I, myself, have been accused of being one when I can’t stop myself from having to prove to everyone in the room that I can recite every word of dialogue of Star Wars – including what R2-D2 and the jawas say.

But, really, making fun of someone because of the font they use in an otherwise important open letter (at least to Cleveland)? Really?

I think we’ve found the line between lovable nerdy-types who once worshipped Weezer because they loved Rivers Cuomo’s glasses and really thought he was being ironic, and the hardcore freaks who eschew reality because they can’t stand living outside their own mutated skulls.

After LeBron James’ painful and embarrassing public divorce from the Cleveland Cavs on national TV Thursday night, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert lashed out in a Web posting. He accused James of being a traitor, a loser and everything but being the lone gunman on the grassy knoll (only because he wasn’t born yet). It was passionate. It was pointed. It was heartfelt and represented how an entire city felt dumped on by a millionaire athlete it practically raised.

Pundits raved about it. Sports fans discussed it. Even everyday people were aware of it.

And a certain segment of absolute ultra-nerds, who perhaps can’t stand sports because they suck at them, focused on the 90s “comic” font Gilbert used in his posting.

Are you serious? That’s like a bunch of Kinko’s managers who still live with their mothers getting their panties in a bunch over the type and size of paper someone uses for an important speech.

Who even noticed? And, seriously, why do you care? Who derives meaning from a font instead of the meaning they convey in words?

I realize there’s a certain, ironic pride in being a nerd, but this is just utter stupidity. These are the contrarians who only like films and bands no one has heard of. There the ones who roll their eyes when you say you like something, even if they’ve never experienced it. They’re the ones who – despite what they say – don’t get it. And they’re the ones who suck.

That’s right – you suck, font nerds.

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