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Y&T’s Phil Kennemore has cancer

By Tony Hicks
Monday, August 9th, 2010 at 10:45 am in Uncategorized.

Longtime Y&T bassist Phil Kennemore – who I believe went to Monte Vista High in Danville many years ago – posted a message for Y&T fans over the weekend who might’ve been wondering why he isn’t out touring with the band this summer.

Before I post the message, just wanted to share a quick story. When the Times and 107.7 The Bone did our HurricAid show back in 2005 to raise money for Katrina victims – with Night Ranger and Y&T on the bill at Walnut Creek’s Lesher Center – Phil was one of the first Y&T guys to show. He pulled in early afternoon, dressed for the stage with all his rock gear on, ready to go. It reminded me of the stories of Jack “Hacksaw” Reynolds of the 49ers, who would get so stoked for games he’d put his pads and uniform on at the hotel.

Anyway, good luck Phil. Here’s the post:

A Message From Phil…

To all of my dear friends and fans around the world and on the forum,

Up to now you haven’t heard much information (other than about my extreme back pain) because there really hasn’t been much until now.  I hated leaving you all in the dark but I didn’t want to say anything until there was something conclusive to say.  We do have a lot more information now.  The number one thing you need to know is that I have cancer.  It wasn’t absolutely formally diagnosed until yesterday.

With the bad news I also got the good news that along with surgery and treatments, I will be back rockin’ and rollin’.  I’ll be getting a hip replacement as well as back surgery, which means I’ll also be more agile.  The doctor said that this is treatable and I’ll be walking out of this place and I’ll be able to go on the road and do everything I need to do to continue my rock ‘n’ roll life, in due time.

I wanted to thank everyone for your well wishes.  I’ve been sitting here in the hospital reading all of the things that you’ve all posted online, and I want you to know it means so very much to me to see how much I am loved, supported, and missed.  I can really feel the love as I’m reading.  I love reading your posts on the web site forum, and, in fact, I need to hear it.  From here on out, whatever thoughts and feelings you have, please know that I wish that I could personally respond to each and every one of you, but I’m not able to right now.

Brad–thank God for Brad!  I’m so grateful that he stepped in to help keep Y&T on tour, bringing Facemelter to the people while I was ordered to the hospital.  Right now I think he’s the best guy on earth!

I’ll be released from the hospital within three-to-four weeks, continuing treatment, and at some point, I’ll be returning to the road.  Keep the love and good vibes flowing.  Do me a favor and go out and see the band now–Y&T is kicking serious ass–and I’ll be back rocking with you all soon.


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One Response to “Y&T’s Phil Kennemore has cancer”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Default Donate to The Phil Kennemore Fund!!
    As many of you know already, Phil Kennemore was recently diagnosed with metastaic cancer. Phil has undergone a barrage of tests, a long hospital stay at a top facility, an operation, and will soon start aggressive chemotherapy to regain his health and get him back with the band on stage again.

    Because of these and potentially more treatments to come, Y&T has put together a fund for people to make donations to help Phil with his enormous medical bills. We have set up a page for this Fund and you can visit it at the link below.

    The Phil Kennemore Fund

    Please feel free to donate any amount. No matter how small or large, it will all be greatly appreciated. Help spread the word and share the link with your friends.

    Thank you ,
    Jill, Dave, John, Mike, Brad, Tom, and the entire Y&T family.

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