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Sports hell

By Tony Hicks
Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 at 1:10 pm in Uncategorized.

So I moved earlier this month, which kind of sucked because AT&T couldn’t come out to install cable and Internet for two weeks. No, there wasn’t anything good on TV: ALL the Giants playoff games, Raiders-Niners (well, that didn’t turn out so good), the Raiders absolute destruction of Denver, etc).

By now, I was supposed to be feet up, chips in hands, watching sports just about every night (Giants WS, the Warriors’ opener, football). But the guy who came out to install the cable couldn’t find the hook-ups.

I repeat, just to clarify: THE CABLE GUY COULDN’T FIND THE CABLE!!

So I’ll be going at least another week without cable and Internet, which is why I’m at work checking e-mail and blogging right now when I’m supposed to be on vacation. Oh, I got a phone upgrade to one of those Droid deals, but as I’ve only had it for 24 hours, I won’t actually know how to use it until sometime next Spring. They might as well ask me to design a nuclear weapon.

If you’re one of my Facebook friends, that’s why suddenly – after all this time – you’re getting “poked” by me and phone calls at midnight. No, Ann, I didn’t mean to call you in Idaho after all these years. Sorry … call me if you ever get back.

At least my wife scored some World Series tickets for Thursday, so I can actually watch the game live. I haven’t asked how she got them because I don’t want to know. If you’re going, I’ll be the guy wearing an A’s hoodie (A’s fans, read my column tommorrow on the living hell of being an A’s fan in 2010. They say it’ll be on the front page, but they often lie to me about things like that to keep me interested. To be safe, just go to the website). 

And if the Comcast guy – who’s coming a week from today – can’t find the damned cable either, it may be his last day on the job … ever.

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One Response to “Sports hell”

  1. Patricia Howe Says:

    So I just read your “front page”, “Torture”. As a longtime A’s fan, you captured my sentiment perfectly. My family and I sit quietly, amused by the Giants and love baseball so much that we will watch. We also tend to like Ron Washington very much. We are careful to not wear any orange so as to not mistakenly appear to be a Giant’s fan. You must wear your A’s hoodie to the game. No ill feelings, but I’m just saying……..
    P.S. It annoys me that Giants fans call some players by their first names. That is even frowned upon in youth leagues scorekeeping. Barry Zito was “Zito” to us and will always have belonged to us – afterall, he was great when he played for the A’s.

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