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Hicks: New Michael Jackson song

By Tony Hicks
Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 at 10:24 am in Uncategorized.

“Breaking News,” the long-awaited – honest – first single from the new Michael Jackson record, which comes out next month (just in time for Christmas, kids!) is streaming on his site. And – if it is him – it sounds pretty good. Better than anything on that shockingly mediocre last album he put out.

Listen to it here.

Of course, Camp Jacko – which has agreed to profit from it, even if it’s Rebbie Jackson actually doing the singingĀ – can’t actually decide whether it’s him or not. Which just goes to show you how connected he and his family really were. Because every time I record a hot new dance single that will make me millions, I always make sure to call my whole family and give them all the details. I guess Tito’s sons would know whether it’s him or not …

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One Response to “Hicks: New Michael Jackson song”

  1. Dom Says:

    Can’t help but wonder if MJ is pulling a Tupac. His first “posthumous” effort starts strong with “this life don’t last forever.” Ooh… how ironic that one of his “last” recordings would immediately discuss mortality. Just like the first video to come out after Tupac “died” depict his own death and him rapping from heaven. Actually, Tupac was always rapping about death and dying, so there was a pretty good chance of that video being about death. But really, MJ’s “death” either saved or went a long way to saving his estate from bankruptcy. Why not go the whole nine and actually record this song with Tupac? After all, he’s been living in the Caymans for 14 years, right? Top it off with an Elvis chorus, and a JFK soundbite.

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