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Hicks: Kids selling illegal cupcakes

By Tony Hicks
Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 at 1:49 pm in Uncategorized.

Yeah, I thought that too:  Those cupcakes must be “special” cupcakes, with green-flaked cream filling.

Nope. In yet another case of an authority figure having a clear understanding of what to prioritize in these troubling times, a city councilman in a New York suburb called the cops on two 13-year-old boys who were selling cupcakes for a buck each at a local park.

Well, OK, so they didn’t have a license. They’re freaking 13 years old.

To be fair, the boys were also selling other baked items as well, including cookies, brownies and Rice Krispie treats. That’s right … Rice Krispie Treats. Which, according to some scientists, cause cavities … when eaten 5000 at a time.

That reminds me of my buddy who, as a youngster, took a cooler of beer out to sell at the Royal Vista Golf Course in San Ramon, where it crosses a busy street. He eventually got run off, but not without making some good scratch. Hey, golfers get thirsty.

It also reminds me of a similar situation in Clayton last year, which was even worse because the kids were selling vegetables in their own front yard. The city was prepared to give the kids a six-month break while re-writing city code – which didn’t technically allow shameless vegetable hucksting from one’s own front yard – until the mayor protested that that was discriminatory.

Again, we’d like to remind you that almost all local politicians these days have better things to do, and that, these kids were showing entrepreneurial spirit while not actually selling crack.

So, back in New York, councilman Michael Wolfensohn called the cops, who showed up at the park, shut the kids down in the name of justice (I keep think of Elliot Ness and an axe) and made them cry. Really, they cried.

And to think we believe it’s just the terrorists who hate our freedom.

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2 Responses to “Hicks: Kids selling illegal cupcakes”

  1. Aaron Says:

    They got what they deserved. You think those kids were going to claim that income on their 1040s? And what about all those other kids with their tax-free allowances? I think it’s about time for these punks to start paying for their fancy schools on their own.

  2. Mary R Says:

    Talk about your teachable moment…Councilman Wofensohn could have commended the kids on their ingenuity and advised them on their need of a business license in order to sell food.
    But what did he do? Took the easy way and delegated the dirty work to the police. The police, for goodness sake, for a misdemeanor (at most)! Overkill!
    This puts me in mind of the song, Summertime Blues: “I’d like to help you, Son, but you’re too young to vote.” The guy was flexing his muscle, to children! Remarkable!
    Get back to business, Mr. Councilman, and in your spare time, maybe you can run a Junior Achievement program in your local school, and reward young people for being entrepreneurial!

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