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Hicks: Victory is MINE (over a kitty cat).

By Tony Hicks
Wednesday, November 17th, 2010 at 4:27 pm in Uncategorized.

Ah, the sweet smell of victory – or maybe urine – when I walked into my empty, soon-to-be-sold house this morning and found my cat, whining about being trapped inside a humane raccoon trap.


That’s right – it only took me six weeks to outsmart a domestic kitty cat.

I’ll spare you the backstory (read it here), But our outdoor cat decided it might get a better deal with the new occupants and decided not to move with us in early October. I tried cajoling, luring, backing her into the kitty carrier, stuffing her into the kitty carrier, asking nicely, and, of course, threats.

I managed to chuck her into the house last week, where she immediately disappeared. I thought she got out, then I didn’t, then I set a borrowed trap, and got her with a can of tuna.

She wasn’t happy to see me, nor was the floor, after she’d peed all over it. She refused to tell me where she’d been hiding. We still managed to talk over our differences during the two-mile drive to my new place. Now she’s resting comfortably in my room at the new place, eating tuna, checking out the shower, and purring and whatnot. I’m allergic to her, but I guess we’ll cross that ER threshold when we get there.

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8 Responses to “Hicks: Victory is MINE (over a kitty cat).”

  1. Sonia Says:

    I am so glad that Fatty Fat Fat Fat is with you guys! I was worried.

  2. Tony Hicks Says:

    Never to worry. I had her where I wanted her the whole time …

  3. Lee Perry Says:

    So glad you have Fatty with you again safe and sound. The question remains, where was she hiding out? Will we ever know?

  4. LeePerry Says:

    Glad Fatty is with you safe and sound. Question, where was she hiding?

  5. Barbara Says:

    SIX weeks, Tony? I didn’t read that part. Then, too, I’m not surprised. I once had a female cat that disappeared for the summer (when I had outdoor cats). She showed up after a 3+ month disappearance, strolling across the yard to the patio door, as if I had had her on “Pause” and just hit the “Play” button. Congratulations in having found/trapped her. (I’d let her get used to the new house before letting her out. You might have a cat that never wants to go out again — or that will return to a distant land 2 miles away.) Happiness to you and yours, and Fatty!

  6. Tony Hicks Says:

    Thanks Barbara. She’s pretty happy right now, even letting the 2-year-old pet her, which is a historic first. We’ll see what happens the first time someone leaves the door open in front oh her.

  7. Dorie Says:

    Tony, you don’t seem to realize that Fat Cat is back with you because SHE wants to be!
    In essence it didn’t really have a lot to do with your efforts….she got lonely and you kept showing up.
    And the peeing is only to show you she rules.
    But it’s always great to have a family reconcilation.

  8. Angela Says:

    Fatty Cat is one lucky cat…our beloved, Black and Tan Coonhound patrols the yard daily. Her mission is to rid area of “outdoor” cats, the cats mission are to rid the yard of song birds, fatally. And it’s true, cats have nine lives – the hound never catches one – the birds are never so lucky.

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