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Hicks: I forgot the important part

By Tony Hicks
Tuesday, December 21st, 2010 at 3:53 pm in Uncategorized.

I wrote this column about weird stuff happening in my house, and I completely forgot to mention the last “incident” that prompted me to write it.

I’m bright that way.

So in addition to lights and televisions turning on and off without human aid in my house (as far as I know – if there’s someone out there screwing with me, congratulations), I woke up around 2 a.m. Monday to hear talking coming from my 2-year-old’s room.

I got up and peeked in. She was standing there; she’d pulled all the books off her shelf (no need for alarm – it’s her new trick) and she’s talking a mile a minute. To who, I have no idea. She sort of speaks this English-Russian hybrid language I usually don’t understand anyway. Thinking this was strange but nothing about which to be alarmed – and being extremely tired – i just went back to bed. I figured she’d finish destroying her bookcase and either go back to sleep, or come get in bed with us, which she did a few minutes later. All that re-decorating gets tiresome.

I don’t think she was actually talking to the Blair Witch or anything. I think she was talking to herself, just like grandpa used to do. But, still, I’d like one of the Ghostbuster ray-gun thingies for Christmas, just in case.

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3 Responses to “Hicks: I forgot the important part”

  1. steve hallock Says:

    No worries on the ghosts, they are not all bad and scary. Thats just stuff from movies and such. I have seen and heard them from years. Just enjoy and make them comfortable, they dont bite.I enjoyed the artical. Its nice to know others have this experence also.
    PS.. I am not a space case ,

    steve hallock

  2. Dom Says:

    Tony, if you never saw the old Twilight Zone episode “Long Distance Call,” after reading this post and your latest column, I don’t recommend it. Which of course means, “watch it immediately!” The whole Sixth Sense-ish thing with kids supposedly being more in tune with the deceased and all that… creepy. Who knows… maybe the old woman who used to live there finally passed on and decided she wanted her house back. Sorry, not everyone’s haunting can be as good as Kevin Costner’s cornfield.

  3. Kris Says:

    Your story sounds like one or many of mine. I am a house/dog sitter and I have one specific cilent that’s house has been dubbed “haunted”. Glasses have been moved, shutters flipped, foutains turned off or on, I’ve woken to kitchen cabnets being slammed only to bolt down stairs and confront an empty room. I even went so far as to having the cops come check the house one day when upon arriving after my shift at work to find the garage door wide open and the owners possesions strewn all over the driveway!

    I complained for close to two years to the woman. She asked if I was still OK to house sit or if I was afraid. I told her I was fine. It was when whatever this “presence” for lack of a better word moved my seat in my car so I couldn’t fit behind my own wheel that I had had enough. For once it was my own personal property! So, I told the husband. He was not recieving the stories from his wife and just hearing it all for the first time. The solution. Change your locks! It worked for them! A bit disturbing if I do say so myself.

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