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Best day of the year

By Tony Hicks
Friday, June 10th, 2011 at 9:22 am in Uncategorized.

It’s the first day after school’s out. What a glorious time. Oh sure, the kids are around more to bother me, and in a month, I’ll be on my knees, desperately praying for the school district to suddenly decide year-round school is the only way to save the children, as well as something far more important – its funding.

But today is good. Everyone got to sleep in (except for the responsible adult who actually works, which as you may or may not know, isn’t me). I don’t have to run around, frantically trying to get one half-conscious kid to eat a bite of her waffle while making sure the other half-conscious kid is putting on her socks instead of trying to teach the cat how to talk. I don’t have to hear one scream at me as I brush her hair, while the other one is pushing a chair over to the fish tank to feed them two hands full of cereal because she thinks they’d like Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast.


Nor do I have to deal with the daily demolition derby that is hundreds of parents squeezing their cars onto a residential, two-way street, behaving like their children’s chances at going to a good college depend on whether they can get the vacant-eyed little zombie in class five minutes early.

Sure, I have to drive to Sacramento later to pick up the other one. And because school’s out, I have to take at least one of her sisters – the one who tried to mind-meld with the cat when she’s late for school and talks about things that would make Andy Kaufman sound normal. But that’s sort of entertaining. The good news is we should be in the pool by 2:30.

Happy summer.

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