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Wrong about Rebecca Black

By Tony Hicks
Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 at 3:48 pm in Uncategorized.

Ok, now that Rebecca Black has a new single out, some of us will have to admit we were wrong.

Oh, not me. It’s still terrible.


But, again, it’s not her fault.

Wow, this poor kid. Whoever is advising her just can’t stop making her look bad. The song sounds like it’s supposed to be some sort of F-You to all those people who made fun of the teen’s first awful video/song “Friday,” which was so bad it got something like four billion YouTube hits.

But this is worse. It’s the same auto-tuned crap that was written in four minutes, only now they spent more on a video that looks like a third rate 1970s McDonald’s commercial. Everyone’s happy, she’s in L.A., the dancers are smiling, she’s in the limo headed down Sunset to her big premiere where she’s going to prove all the haters wrong, she gets out of the car …

Then a 45-year-old guy who was a roadie for Faster Pussycat stumbles over and throws up on her.

OK, not really. But that would’ve made the video a lot better.

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