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Hella old for back cuts

By Tony Hicks
Thursday, August 18th, 2011 at 1:40 pm in Uncategorized.

This was a new one. I’ve been called many many things. But not “hella old” by a bitchy 18-year-old college student with a sense of entitlement.

I’m still going back to school, only this semester I’m taking a class at DVC two mornings a week, unlike most hella old returning students who go at night and which I now know is less comfortable for hella old people because it’s full of kids who are only a year or two out of high school.

So this morning I’m trying to get some caffeine in me at the student center before class, when some young girl comes up, pokes me in the back, and asks me to save her spot. Now, as I’m at the back of the line, I’m wondering how long she’s planning to be gone. But I sort of nodded – I haven’t been asked for someone to take back cuts since I was in fourth grade and it was a little weird.

By the time she gets back, there were about a dozen people behind me, and I’d just witnessed a guy jump from the back of my line to the front of another. I hate people like that. I would give line-jumpers the death penalty if I could. So I was irritated even more when Entitlement Girl came back – with a new friend who was never part of the deal – and stood behind me, awkwardly. Honestly, I was ignoring her, but would’ve engaged if she would’ve had the brains to get in line in front of me and pretend we knew each other. Instead, she waited about 30 seconds, then tore into me for not saving her spot.

Wha? Huh? “You’re standing there,” I said. “You got what you wanted.” What more do you want? And really, why should I let you in line anyway?”

She didn’t like that, and started blithering about how college students are supposed to be cool, and then she dropped the nuke on me. She said “You’re not a college student; you’re just some¬†HELLA¬†OLD guy.”

I was speechless. Sure, I’m a little sensitive about being the oldest guy in class, re-starting school last Spring after more than a decade away. But the kids in my last two classes were cool about it – maybe because I wasn’t the only hella old person there. So I really didn’t expect to hear this. And, unfortunately, I let it get to me.

Some more arguing followed which entertained the folks in line. Then after I thought we had peace in our time, I heard her quote something I said to her friend. I turned and, I admit, dropped a few F-bombs, after she accused me of rudely eavesdropping. “Rude?” I said, “Seriously? You cut in line in front of 20 other people and I’m the one who’s rude?”

I know – it’s stupid. I sunk to her level, which I can occasionally excell at. At least I didn’t drop the ‘ol ‘Didn’t your parents teach you manners,” or ‘I have a daughter older than you who is much better behaved,” or some such thing. But I let it get in my head. Suddenly I’m thinking ‘Do I look old?” “Should I dress differently?” “If one train left Philadephia headed north and another left New Jersey headed south which one gets to Nebraska first?”

I can’t wait to finish school. I put up with my own kids – I shouldn’t have to take crap from other people’s.

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3 Responses to “Hella old for back cuts”

  1. heyjoe Says:

    I never know whether or not to comment on Facebook or here on the blog. Seems all the “cool kids” comment on FB now, but I feel bad that our blogs are being neglected.

  2. Sonia Says:

    She should watch her mouth! For all she knew, you were a instructor and she could end up in your class.

  3. Auntie Says:

    Never trust anyone under 30

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