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Fireman catches 6-year-old

Because everyone loves a good fireman story:

A Boston firefighter caught a 6-year-old boy over the weekend who was dropped from a third story window by his grandmother, who survived the 6-alarm fire in an apartment building.

Lt. Glenn McGillivray (an Irish firefighter in Boston?) said afterward that he was just doing his job. The big lug.

Apparently some guy in the building was trying to commit suicide by possibly cutting a gas line. He survived, was badly burned, and ended up admitting what he did. 

You know, sorry you feel so bad about yourself and all, but maybe next time you could not cause $3 million in damage and displace dozens of your fellow Bostonians, forcing some to drop children out of windows to save them. Lucky for Irish firefighters, or you might be facing something worse than arson charges.

And yes, I wrote that in second person, because I know they read me in Boston jails.

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