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About Insert Foot

After moving to Hollywood and failing miserably at becoming a rock star (his band was once upstaged by a punk rock dwarf; another time by a salad bar), Tony Hicks has written about music and pop culture for the Times since 1996. A local boy who once delivered the Times while growing up in Walnut Creek and San Ramon, Tony was the editor of the DVC newspaper back in the early 90s. That’s where his dreams of becoming a sportswriter died when he realized, if the members of a community college men’s tennis team treated sportswriters like dirt, his self-esteem would never survive a pro locker room. Maybe it had something to do with him looking like a Pearl Jam roadie. Anyway, he somehow decided rock stars would be easier to deal with. He also studied journalism at San Francisco State and has a couple of wonderful daughters. And an overweight dog. His twice-weekly “And Another Thing” column runs in Time Out on Tuesdays and Sundays.