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Unrealistic instructions?

By tmills
Monday, February 26th, 2007 at 12:41 pm in Uncategorized.

When a school closes it’s usually extremely sad for the parents and students involved.

School boards making these decisions typically listen to hours of emotional pleas as well as outbursts from the audience before making a decision.

High Tech High
So it was surprising Friday afternoon to see that High Tech High Bayshore parent organizers had placed fliers on many chairs asking audience members to refrain from this behavior at a meeting where the school’s foundation was expected to vote to close the charter school in Redwood City (pictured here).

It asked parents and students not to “cheer or yell, boo speakers, interrupt anyone (even if you disagree with what someone is saying, bite your tongue)” and added “if you clap, do it respectfully.”

At first, everyone was very respectful during the public comment period. Each took a turn to express dismay with the closure and, for the most part, concluded when his or her time was up.

But when it looked like the board was ready to shut down the school, there was an explosion that was hard to watch. Some parents and students walked up to the board members and yelled at them face to face, while others stood up and screamed their disappointment. There was booing. There was crying. It was everything you would expect during a meeting like this.

In theory, it was a good idea to lay out some ground rules for this meeting. But in reality, these emotional outbursts seem to go with the territory when it comes to making decisions about kids.

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3 Responses to “Unrealistic instructions?”

  1. Jack Says:

    Anything like this, involving kids, makes society irrational. Think about all the dumb laws that have been passed in the name of “think of the children”.

  2. Van Says:

    As usual, good things cant survive in California anymore. What’s worse, the school is now being converted into just another government-run daycare center and child meatgrinder called a “public school”. This from the same people who gave us the DMV. Im disgusted, but Im not surprised.

  3. otto Says:

    The public school is only a meatgrinder because parents let it become a meatgrinder. Not all public schools are the same. The public school in my area has lots of parental involvement. Good things can survive, if you pay attention to it. Rather than blaming the system, fix it. The term “public” doesn’t mean government, it means public, as in “We the people.” We the parents are involved in our schools. We do write to the governor, and the state legislature. If the people don’t want to be involved, then it might as well disappear.

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