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Estrella Benavides’s signal received

By Aaron Kinney
Tuesday, April 10th, 2007 at 5:37 pm in Uncategorized.


In an article this weekend, we tackled the question: Why aren’t San Mateo city and county officials reaching out to Estrella Benavides, the Shoreview woman who has covered her home with painted words describing a conspiracy theory, with an offer of mental health treatment?

(The answer, in short, is that it can be extraordinarily difficult to provide counseling to people who don’t believe they need it.)

The article mentioned that Benavides’s story has spread across the nation courtesy of short newspapers items and online links. Here’s an example.

We received a call in February from a woman in Massachusetts who’d come across the story and wanted to assure us that Benavides’s message — of a government/mafia conspiracy that oppresses children and the poor through mind control and witchcraft and convinced Scott Peterson to kill his wife — is based on “true facts.”

“What she’s talking about is basically similar to what I’ve experienced,” the 51-year-old woman told us. The woman said she related to Benavides, adding that God had shown her that evil beings are walking among us on the earth.

Benavides says she’s covered her home and two cars with her edict because she has been thwarted by city, state and even federal authorities (she thinks they have conspired to deny her custody of her child, whom she believes is being abused).

Though Benavides decided to broadcast a message to the world from the roof of her house out of desperation, the feedback we received from the East Coast suggests that, on a certain level, her strategy has worked.

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  1. michelle Says:

    so what i dont understand is why she is doing this why not go to the media or somewhere eles that she can talk to other people about the way she feels
    for a while i have not seen her on the elco and belmont. but today, now i have seen her agian she is now on whipple ext of 101 next to the gas stastion now she dose not have her signs or anything. she has a chair and a odd looking hat. she needs help why dosent someone help her. god did not want this for her.

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