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Driving Mr. Rudy

By ngonzales
Tuesday, April 17th, 2007 at 10:03 am in Uncategorized.

Atherton Councilman Charles Marsala may have just found a new gig: driving Rudy Giuliani around.

Marsala played chauffeur to the Republican presidential candidate and former New York mayor on March 23 when Giuliani visited the Bay Area for a couple of fundraising events.

“It was amazing,” Marsala said.

Marsala rented a Lincoln Town Car and picked up Giuliani at San Francisco International Airport (as shown above in a picture signed by the famous visitor).

Also hopping on board Marsala’s rental were Bill Simon, a former Republican candidate for California governor and longtime Giuliani friend, and a retired New York police detective serving as a security officer for the presidential hopeful. Another car followed with the rest of Giuliani’s campaign staff.

Marsala first drove Giuliani to Oakland for a speaking engagement. But since they were ahead of schedule, Marsala said, “we stopped by a deli on Broadway and 10th. I think it was a Filipino deli.”

Giuliani grabbed a sandwich and ate at a table outside while Marsala waited in the car.

“People were doing a double-take, and some talked to him,” Marsala said. “He was just hanging there, and I thought it was pretty cool.”

The group then headed out, but Marsala took a wrong turn into the Webster Street Tube to Alameda.

Giuliani sensed something amiss and politely asked, according to Marsala, “Where are we going?”

But Marsala quickly righted his course and got Giuliani to his scheduled program in good time.

Marsala next drove Giuliani to an event at the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco before taking him back to the airport. Giuliani was off to Monterey for yet another fundraiser.

“It’s a pretty intense life getting around the country campaigning,” Marsala said.

It was actually the second time Marsala served as Giuliani’s driver. Three weeks earlier, Marsala picked him up at the Mineta San Jose International Airport and brought him to Menlo Park for a fundraising speech.

Marsala volunteered to drive Giuliani around when the South Peninsula Area Republican Coalition, of which the former Atherton mayor is a board member, asked if anybody wanted to do so.

Meanwhile, Marsala is heading up another kind of drive for Giuliani. He was recently named chairman to coordinate local campaign activities for Giuliani in the 14th Congressional District, which is currently controlled by U.S. Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Palo Alto.

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